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Content through the Customer Lifecycle

I have been discussing as big project with a potential client regarding applying simulations and other content across what I was calling a product’s lifecycle, for example, awareness, acquisition, sales, support/training, maintenance, after market, etc. Just a few moments ago, I ran across an interesting and relevant post entitled “Marketing Content During the Customer Lifecycle”… Read More »

Virtual ‘Tryvertising’ (aka Product Simulation Adv/Mkt)

I was reading an interesting post entitled “The Rise of Engagement Marketing” by “Faraz” at, and he mentioned a word I had not seen before, “tryvertising”.  He attributed a definition to TrendWatching, and here’s what I pulled from their site: TRYVERTISING, which is all about consumers becoming familiar with new products by actually trying… Read More »

The Role of Product Simulations in Experiential Marketing

I had been collecting links and interesting posts about experiential marketing as it relates to product simulation, as I think about developing an e-book or white paper about product simulation advertising/product simulation marketing.  I figured I would post the links and stuff I’ve collected, to get feedback and keep the info in a central place. … Read More »

Successful selling by using simulations to put your prospects in their own (future) success story

I just saw this interesting post that excerpts “Stories that Sell”, but Casey Hibbard, or “The Power of Success Story Marketing.”  The gist of this excerpt is that “[w]e [customers] trust what others say much more than what a business itself says,” and that presenting customer experiences as case studies is a more effective marketing tool… Read More »