Monthly Archives: November 2009

Making Better Call-to-Actions with Simulation Contexts and Behavioral Tracking

Dynamic advertisement delivery strives to serve ads most relevant to the user’s behavior.  I feel we can develop more effective call-to-actions in a similar way by helping the user select a relevant context, and then using simulation in that context to refine our sense of what call-to-action is going to appeal to that user.  I realized… Read More »

Is a Product Demo Simulation-Based Marketing?

I was explaining to a friend today about my ideas regarding “simulation-based marketing,” and he said that in his (IT) line of work, they demonstrate their software to potential customers, using fake data.  The question becomes, “is simulation-based marketing” just another term for doing product demos? I think that at the heart of product sales… Read More »

Simulation-Based Product Marketing

Over the past few days, I have been trying to focus on what I do and where I feel me and my company’s expertise lies. I enjoy creating effective materials that use equipment simulations as part of marketing and training efforts.  When I say “simulation” to any group of people (who will stand still for… Read More »

Measuring Engagement

Thanks to the folks at Unisfair via Twitter, I just saw a very nice blog post about developing metrics for engagement of social media:  As my focus is on ‘product engagement’, I have been thinking about how that fits into other activities that express a viewer’s/user’s interest level. Joerg from Unisfair mentions the Unisfair… Read More »