Monthly Archives: March 2010

Product Engagement as Building Block for Brand Engagement

I was reviewing some quotations I excerpted from my readings on experiential marketing, and I began to see a pattern regarding my thinking about ‘product engagement’, or engaging prospects and customers with a brand’s products. I see a lot of talk about engaging customers with the brand, but very little about getting prospects hooked on… Read More »

Rules of Engagement?

I was reading a post by Amber Naslund today, entitled “10 Key Engagement Metrics.” She brings up several good indicators about engaging content, and here they are…. In the opening of the post, she writes “[w]hile no single metric alone is going to be a solid indicator of how engaged your community or customers are….” I agree, but I think there is a big picture element missing from the discussion: virtually all of the metrics she articulates revolve around some form of interaction with the content

Successful selling by using simulations to put your prospects in their own (future) success story

I just saw this interesting post that excerpts “Stories that Sell”, but Casey Hibbard, or “The Power of Success Story Marketing.”  The gist of this excerpt is that “[w]e [customers] trust what others say much more than what a business itself says,” and that presenting customer experiences as case studies is a more effective marketing tool… Read More »

Can Simulations make Content Marketing for Products more Relevant?

Nice post by David Dodd of Marketing Interactions, entitled “Does Your Content Marketing Make You Different?”.

Leading off with “Being recognized as unique, different and desirable is what every company strives to achieve to stand out in their marketplace”, David describes how our mentality as vendors still often makes us think that our customers will believe what we ourselves think is different about us. However, the reality is almost the opposite: the more we try to stand out with distinctive phrases or pitches, the more we end up inadvertently sounding exactly like our competitors.