Reflections on AWS Solutions Architect Exam

Tweet I’m happy to say I just passed the AWS Solutions Architect Certification Exam with an overall score of 75% (not to say that I’m thrilled with the 75% score, but I think the exam was fair). FWIW, I wanted to share a few reflections on the experience overall. To begin with, I had a lot of… Read More »

Early Lessons from Running at least 1 Mile Per Day Challenge

Tweet My friend Stephen told me a story a few months ago, which went basically like this (apologies to Stephen if I’ve gotten some details wrong). He was sitting on a bench in California, at an early adult age, and trying to sort things out about life. There was another person on the bench as well. Somehow… Read More »

Brand storytelling engagement and Chipotle’s Scarecrow

Tweet Today, I came across a post entitled “How Powerful Brand Storytelling Can Supplant Commercials” at the Content Marketing Institute by Michael Weiss,  from figure18. I hadn’t heard much about the term ‘brand storytelling,’ but it really resonated with me because I’ve been using the term ‘interactive storytelling’ to describe my approach of using simulations… Read More »

Stack Overflow saves my rear with code signing Mac OSX app

Tweet I wanted to write a short, quick post about a problem I was having code signing my SimsUshare app for Mac OSX. I recently updated my development machine to Mavericks, and finally got off my older dev machine completely — though this was the first time I was going to make a beta release… Read More »

Sourcing the Right Content at the Right Time for Marketing

Tweet Last week, John Lane from Centerline Digital wrote an informative piece entitled “Think People Hate Marketing? Try the Right Content in the Right Place“. In short, I agree with his observations that people’s negative reaction to marketing/advertising tends to be the result of an unwelcomed disruption of the marketing material. He identifies two types of… Read More »

A Little Background and Starting Off on the ‘Left’ Foot for 2014

Tweet Oh, what a comedian am I. My mother (and faithful blog reader) will understand my reference to ‘left’ foot, because I am left-handed (unlike my siblings). This blog is officially attached to Equipment Simulations LLC, rather than something distinct and personal (from Jonathan Kaye) because I have represented the company for the past 13… Read More »

How Nike+ Running app gets me motivated

Tweet I have had a gym membership for many years, and most of my efforts to exercise and lose weight have, at best, succeeded for a few weeks. That is, until about December, 2012, when I came across the Nike+ Running app for my Android device. Now looking back 9-10 months, I can see a number of… Read More »