An implicit call for interactive product simulations – from what consumers want infographic

Tweet A few days ago, I saw an interesting infographic comparing consumer and retailer expectations, entitled “What Consumers Want from Product Video” by Invodo, of all things (surprise, surprise), a company that makes videos for product advertising. It seemed to me a bit of the cart before the horse, but I understand their perspective. I think… Read More »

Blip on the Radar for “Selling the Experience” against Amazon

Tweet I ran an interesting post and white paper from Joe Davis entitled “Beating Amazon by Creating Shopping Experiences,” which presents an idea similar to what I advanced a few years ago in “Selling the Experience“, namely that anyone trying to compete with Amazon for selling products successfully really has to focus on the product… Read More »

The dawn of interactive technology at events…finally!

Tweet In B-to-B Online this month, Charlotte Woolard wrote an intriguing article entitled “Best in Show: Marketers make smart investments as events industry posts gains.” The second sentence immediately got my attention: But when the company set up its booth at the Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition in Chicago last January, only one water pump made… Read More »

Dedicating time to getting SimsUShare Mobile going

Tweet Apologies to all my fans out there (hi Mom!) for absence in communicating, but I’ve been working on the SimsUShare Mobile site and our Facebook page, to get things going. A lot of exciting developments as the industry is responding this is the tool they’ve been waiting for awhile! We are gearing up for… Read More »

Flash ActionScript (AS3) 3.0 Making a Variable Speed MovieClip

Tweet I needed to make a MovieClip run potentially at different frame rates.  This is pretty easy to do, but I figured others might want example code, so I’m posting it here.  I noticed over at StackOverflow, people were suggesting using the Timer class, but I think an ENTER_FRAME solution is better, especially for trying… Read More »

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