Monthly Archives: June 2010

‘Catchy’ Content with Product Sims

In “How Catchy is Your Content?“, Ardath Albee (‘Marketing Interactions’) does a nice job of presenting and discussing a few metrics one can apply to content for B2B marketing (really to anything), to ensure the content gets the right reception.  She calls the metrics “Catch Factors” (catchy!).  She defines “Catch Factors” as “the preferences and… Read More »

Get Excited about Your Product and You’ll be On to Something Hot

Admittedly, a pretty bizarre title, but it comes (late at night) from me seeing a juxtaposition of Seth Godin’s “A sad truth about most traditional b2b marketing” a few days ago and Adam Singer’s (Online Marketing Blog) “Thinking Critically About Web Video.” I struggle often with the question about why product simulations/demos are not yet… Read More »

Hard to Measure Customer Engagement? Start with Product Engagement

In “Study finds customer engagement hard to measure,” B-to-B Magazine’s Kate Maddox posts some high-level findings from a recent study from Forbes Insights about measuring customer engagement. “Customer engagement is a top priority for CMOs, but many companies are struggling to implement strategies and measure customer engagement, according to a new study from Forbes Insights… Read More »