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Brand storytelling engagement and Chipotle’s Scarecrow

Tweet Today, I came across a post entitled “How Powerful Brand Storytelling Can Supplant Commercials” at the Content Marketing Institute by Michael Weiss,  from figure18. I hadn’t heard much about the term ‘brand storytelling,’ but it really resonated with me because I’ve been using the term ‘interactive storytelling’ to describe my approach of using simulations… Read More »

An implicit call for interactive product simulations – from what consumers want infographic

Tweet A few days ago, I saw an interesting infographic comparing consumer and retailer expectations, entitled “What Consumers Want from Product Video” by Invodo, of all things (surprise, surprise), a company that makes videos for product advertising. It seemed to me a bit of the cart before the horse, but I understand their perspective. I think… Read More »

The dawn of interactive technology at events…finally!

Tweet In B-to-B Online this month, Charlotte Woolard wrote an intriguing article entitled “Best in Show: Marketers make smart investments as events industry posts gains.” The second sentence immediately got my attention: But when the company set up its booth at the Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition in Chicago last January, only one water pump made… Read More »

Implanting False Memories — Good for Training, Bad for Marketing?

Tweet I came across an interesting post today entitled “Study Demonstrates False Memories Implanted Via Advertising” (which referred to an earlier post at Wired) about a research study I Imagine I Experience, I Like: The False Experience Effect (the odd part is that people say it is published in the Journal of Consumer Research, but I can’t find it in vol.… Read More »

Product Experience Angle from Forrester Bodes Well for Prod Sim Marketing

Tweet I received a schedule for an upcoming conference (Forrester’s Marketing Forum 2011, April 5-6) presented by Forrester Research, and I was reminded several months ago of an enticing report that I have not gotten my hands on yet.  It was entitled “Let Your Product Do the Talking“, by Chris Stutzman, David Cooperstein, and Corinne… Read More »

Our Take: Illuminating Role of Training and Support to Address New Marketing Trends

Tweet On B2B Online, I came across the recently released study/survey (now in its seventh year) entitled “Insights to Action: ISBM B-to-B Marketing Trends 2012“, a report that summarizes and discusses results from a survey of academics and marketing practitioners in a broad range of B-to-B industries.  I think some of the results indicate a… Read More »