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How Nike+ Running app gets me motivated

I have had a gym membership for many years, and most of my efforts to exercise and lose weight have, at best, succeeded for a few weeks. That is, until about December, 2012, when I came across the Nike+ Running app for my Android device. Now looking back 9-10 months, I can see a number of things… Read More »

Our Take: Illuminating Role of Training and Support to Address New Marketing Trends

On B2B Online, I came across the recently released study/survey (now in its seventh year) entitled “Insights to Action: ISBM B-to-B Marketing Trends 2012“, a report that summarizes and discusses results from a survey of academics and marketing practitioners in a broad range of B-to-B industries.  I think some of the results indicate a very… Read More »

Finding evidence for positive change

This post is a departure from my typical observations that demonstrate how appropriate product simulations are for such-and-such (am I really that predictable?). This post is going to be a short missive on getting myself properly oriented to positive change. I was catching up with a friend recently who I had been out of contact… Read More »