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Implanting False Memories — Good for Training, Bad for Marketing?

I came across an interesting post today entitled “Study Demonstrates False Memories Implanted Via Advertising” (which referred to an earlier post at Wired) about a research study I Imagine I Experience, I Like: The False Experience Effect (the odd part is that people say it is published in the Journal of Consumer Research, but I can’t find it in vol. 38… Read More »

Battle for Attention in B2B Marketing

Diana Huff, always on top of interesting B2B Web Marketing happenings and insights, in a post entitled “Win the Battle for Attention by Creating Engaging Content“, points to an interesting e-Book from a UK-based B2B technology marketing agency: “The New B2B marketing Manifesto: Five imperatives and six staples you need to win the battle of… Read More »

Get Excited about Your Product and You’ll be On to Something Hot

Admittedly, a pretty bizarre title, but it comes (late at night) from me seeing a juxtaposition of Seth Godin’s “A sad truth about most traditional b2b marketing” a few days ago and Adam Singer’s (Online Marketing Blog) “Thinking Critically About Web Video.” I struggle often with the question about why product simulations/demos are not yet… Read More »