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Hard to Measure Customer Engagement? Start with Product Engagement

In “Study finds customer engagement hard to measure,” B-to-B Magazine’s Kate Maddox posts some high-level findings from a recent study from Forbes Insights about measuring customer engagement. “Customer engagement is a top priority for CMOs, but many companies are struggling to implement strategies and measure customer engagement, according to a new study from Forbes Insights… Read More »

Rules of Engagement?

I was reading a post by Amber Naslund today, entitled “10 Key Engagement Metrics.” She brings up several good indicators about engaging content, and here they are…. In the opening of the post, she writes “[w]hile no single metric alone is going to be a solid indicator of how engaged your community or customers are….” I agree, but I think there is a big picture element missing from the discussion: virtually all of the metrics she articulates revolve around some form of interaction with the content

Successful selling by using simulations to put your prospects in their own (future) success story

I just saw this interesting post that excerpts “Stories that Sell”, but Casey Hibbard, or “The Power of Success Story Marketing.”  The gist of this excerpt is that “[w]e [customers] trust what others say much more than what a business itself says,” and that presenting customer experiences as case studies is a more effective marketing tool… Read More »

Coming across ‘Engagement Marketing’ and ‘Experiential Marketing’

I came across the term “engagement marketing” recently through Twitter  (hey, it even has a Wikpedia page, maybe something I can create for product sim marketing once I figure out what to say!).  Through Wikipedia, then I saw an entry for “experiential marketing“. Of course anyone could have made up those pages, but the materials… Read More »

Settling in on ‘Product Simulation Marketing’

Coming up with the correct wording is essential for any task.  I have been uncomfortable with the terms “simulation-based marketing” and “simulation-based advertising”, because they sound like one is simulating the marketing or simulating the advertising.  However, I have liked those terms because they can get meaning from analogy to “simulation-based training.” I have come… Read More »

Measuring Engagement

Thanks to the folks at Unisfair via Twitter, I just saw a very nice blog post about developing metrics for engagement of social media:  As my focus is on ‘product engagement’, I have been thinking about how that fits into other activities that express a viewer’s/user’s interest level. Joerg from Unisfair mentions the Unisfair… Read More »