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The dawn of interactive technology at events…finally!

In B-to-B Online this month, Charlotte Woolard wrote an intriguing article entitled “Best in Show: Marketers make smart investments as events industry posts gains.” The second sentence immediately got my attention: But when the company set up its booth at the Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition in Chicago last January, only one water pump made it… Read More »

Making a compelling story

Rick Braddy’s post about storytelling for product launches, “Psychology of Social Product Launches — Part 3, Storytelling” is a quick and interesting read about using stories as part of presenting a product, rather than the typical verbiage we develop.  The article immediately made me think about the power of case studies for marketing, which seems… Read More »

Hard to Measure Customer Engagement? Start with Product Engagement

In “Study finds customer engagement hard to measure,” B-to-B Magazine’s Kate Maddox posts some high-level findings from a recent study from Forbes Insights about measuring customer engagement. “Customer engagement is a top priority for CMOs, but many companies are struggling to implement strategies and measure customer engagement, according to a new study from Forbes Insights… Read More »

Is a Product Demo Simulation-Based Marketing?

I was explaining to a friend today about my ideas regarding “simulation-based marketing,” and he said that in his (IT) line of work, they demonstrate their software to potential customers, using fake data.  The question becomes, “is simulation-based marketing” just another term for doing product demos? I think that at the heart of product sales… Read More »

Product simulation for cross-selling and up-selling

I just ran across an interesting blog post entitled “Measuring and Improving Cross-Sell and Upsell” at  It gives fascinating numbers and insights about existing online retailers’ current abilities to cross-sell and up-sell products.  What struck me is how well product simulation covers all of the take-away messages: “we think you’ll also love…” — by… Read More »