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The elearningmanifesto is too hard, I prefer the dlearningmanifesto I just made up

Like many others in the eLearning field, I watched Michael Allen, Julie Dirksen, Clark Quinn, and Will Thalheimer present the elearningmanifesto, which, if this were a serious post, I would strongly suggest absorbing and adopting. However, such is not the case (the part about the serious post), let me spend a few minutes expounding on what I call my… Read More »

eLearning innovations: ‘Simulations in 3D worlds’

I recently saw a post by Tony Karrer (eLearning Technology blog) about eLearning innovations in 2010, and one category listed ‘Simulations in 3D worlds.’  Here are the three that Tony pointed to: Virtual World The tools are starting to get there where simulations in 3D worlds makes sense. Eight 3D Virtual World Design Principles, March… Read More »

E-Learning Designers vs. Video Game Designers – nice insights

Andy Petroski from Harrisburg University’s Learning and Entertainment Evolution Forum pointed out a blog post from Ewan Mcintosh, reflecting on Patrick Dunn’s post about the chasm between e-learning designers and video game designers.

To summarize, Patrick Dunn expresses four differences between e-learning designers and video game designers: