Selling the Experience — Emerging Opportunity for Affiliate Marketing

In Alex Rampell‘s guest post at TechCrunch entitled “Say Goodbye To The Long Tail Of Product Resellers, At Least On The Internet“, he insightfully points to five (5) variables that affect consumers traditional shop at Retailer A vs. Retailer B: Price (actual price to consumer + “friction” in ordering process) Geography (proximity to consumer) Selection (do they have… Read More »

Product Experience Angle from Forrester Bodes Well for Prod Sim Marketing

I received a schedule for an upcoming conference (Forrester’s Marketing Forum 2011, April 5-6) presented by Forrester Research, and I was reminded several months ago of an enticing report that I have not gotten my hands on yet.  It was entitled “Let Your Product Do the Talking“, by Chris Stutzman, David Cooperstein, and Corinne Madigan. … Read More »

The Best Content Marketing for Product Manufacturers: Problems Your Products Solve

As the marketing world plunges into ‘content marketing’, thought leaders are helping companies understand developing strategies for how content marketing can help their business soar.  For example, Joe Pulizzi, the content marketing guru, recently wrote an interesting post, “Starting a News Service for Your Industry“.  In it, he sketched two points from a panel discussion… Read More »

Our Take: Illuminating Role of Training and Support to Address New Marketing Trends

On B2B Online, I came across the recently released study/survey (now in its seventh year) entitled “Insights to Action: ISBM B-to-B Marketing Trends 2012“, a report that summarizes and discusses results from a survey of academics and marketing practitioners in a broad range of B-to-B industries.  I think some of the results indicate a very… Read More »

Content through the Customer Lifecycle

I have been discussing as big project with a potential client regarding applying simulations and other content across what I was calling a product’s lifecycle, for example, awareness, acquisition, sales, support/training, maintenance, after market, etc. Just a few moments ago, I ran across an interesting and relevant post entitled “Marketing Content During the Customer Lifecycle”… Read More »