What Business Software Do You Use?

By | August 31, 2010

In my more procrastinatively-inspired moments, I reflect on the online business management tools I currently use and whether there are any all-encompassing tools that can help me reduce overall expenses.  Maybe someone out there will have a suggestion.  So here goes my list:

  • Project management: Basecamp – the interface feels natural and customers love it
  • Organizing daily schedules and tasks: SmartSheet – Draws just the right features from Excel and then adds in collaboration, attachments, reminders, etc.
  • Sales leads: Zoho CRM
  • Email marketing: iContact
  • Webinars: DimDim and sometimes Adobe Connect
  • Keeping up with news via RSS Feeds: Google Reader – Fantastic, and that’s all I have to say about that
  • Conference bridge: Simple Toll-Free – 800 number, $0.06/min, pinch me, I’m dreaming.  Great service and quality
  • Toll-Free Phone System: Grasshopper.  Outstanding product for small businesses looking to become big businesses.
  • Web Hosts: eBoundHost, MediaTemple, WebHost4Life, and LFCHosting.  I know, why four.  I’ve had great experiences with each, even with service calls (some better than others) and sometimes it’s easier to leave things be than to squeeze every nickel out of things.

What do you use?

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