Web Services in AS3 and Charts

By | December 3, 2008

I’ve been working on a user interface to our behavioral metrics system as an easy project to get more into AS3.  Our system uses web services to communicate with the back-end DB, so when I opened up CS4 I went looking for the WebService class.  Much to my surprise, I couldn’t find anything.

A few searches later, it appears that the WebService class from prior Flash versions is no more.  Very odd, kind of like the missing 3rd-party help in CS 4 (still can’t figure that one out — how could Adobe drop such a feature?).

Anyway, I came across this web service class library by Carlo Alducente, which is fabulous.  It saved me a lot of time and it was free.  Thank you so much, Carlo!

On the subject of plots and graphs, I found a great, basic set over at Yahoo, the Yahoo Flash Astra Components.  It has a set of bar, line, and pie charts which are easy to adapt and use.  Then there are a bunch of other components in the set, such as for canvas layout.

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