Latest AS3 state engine on new area in Google Code

By | August 17, 2009

I’ve been plugging away on my AS3 state engine, and with a side-trip through repo-learning land, I think  I finally am at a point I can return to the work that I get paid for !.

In any event, I messed up a Google Code project in my Git experiment, so the new home for the AS3 state engine is  I created a simple example to demonstrate it, a digital watch.  I will add more examples as time goes on.  Thanks to Zjnue Brzavi for his help in combing through the code to reveal bugs that demonstrate I shouldn’t be coding/developing too late at night.  He is developing a haXe port, though as I re-implemented the engine in AS3, I also have been mucking around with the API–sorry, Zjnue!

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