Stack Overflow saves my rear with code signing Mac OSX app

By | February 19, 2014

I wanted to write a short, quick post about a problem I was having code signing my SimsUshare app for Mac OSX. I recently updated my development machine to Mavericks, and finally got off my older dev machine completely — though this was the first time I was going to make a beta release purely on the new machine.

Cut to the chase, I went through the build process, no problem. I went to codesign the app, which I had done countless times on my other machine, as

codesign -s "Developer ID Application: Equipment Simulations LLC" "SUSMobile"

I then got an error saying “code object is not signed at all”, and apparently it was pointing to the AIR framework (which I had recently updated to version 4.0). Oh, crap, reading this on the surface, it seemed that the AIR framework was not signed. But why would I be the one to sign it?

Frantic searches initially came up with nothing, until I foundĀ

the answer lay in a new option called “–deep”, described in the link. I added the “–deep” option, and voila! I got the app signed. Saved one of the last patches of my hair!


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