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Creating Content Specific to Customer Information Needs

I’ve been plowing through Joe Pulizzi’s Get Content, Get Customers (through my Droid’s Nook application, a bit tedious for books longer than about 80 pages), and I came across a statement that really knocked me out: Businesses create specific content so that customers react in a very specific way.  Without a clear understanding of the… Read More »

The Rise of Custom Content Development and Ultimate Convergence in Product Simulations

In BtoB Magazine‘s most recent issue (Aug 16, 2010), there are three articles by Sean Callahan on the B2B marketing trend of developing custom content: (a) “Commited to custom”, (b) “Custom programs getting larger portions of budgets”, and (c) “Makino retools marketing program with custom content”. The gist of ‘custom content’ seems to mean information for… Read More »